Evidence-based speech-language therapy

Evidence-based practice in speech-language therapy has become a widely accepted principle to improve patient care.
In May 2004 we published a manual in Dutch, with a second edition in 2011.

evidencebasedlogopedie 10 years

Kalf H, de Beer J. Evidence-based logopedie. Logopedisch handelen gebaseerd op wetenschappelijke evidentie. Houten: Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 2011 (2nd edition).

(Inter)national lectures and courses on evidence-based speech therapy

2015: Evidence-based handelen: richtlijnen of niet? Kwaliteit: noodzaak - uitdaging. Wereldstemdag Uden. HAND-OUT

2014: Evidence-based speech-language therapy: what changed in 10 years? VII congresso nacional da APTF, Lison Portugal. HAND-OUT (English)

2014: Evidence-based logopedie: wat is veranderd in 10 jaar? Congres Artevelde Hogeschool Gent, Belgium HAND-OUT (Dutch)

2012: 10-day Summer school, University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

2012: Development of evidence-based guidelines, 8th CPLOL congress, the Hague, the Netherlands

2010: One-day course, Slovak Association of Logopedia, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007: Evidence-based speech therapy: in general and in Parkinson’s disease. University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.

2007: Evidence-based speech therapy. Biannual congress of the Slovenian Association of Logopedists, Maribor, Slovenia.

2005: Current possibilities of Evidence-based Speech Therapy. Congress Svenska LogopedFörbundet, Göteborg, Sverige.

2003: Current possibilities of evidence-based speech therapy, in practice and in clinical education: do we wish for more? 5th CPLOL congress, Edinburgh

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CPLOL has reviewed databases and guidelines in several languages in the main SLT domains published in one document.

Speechbite is a database that provides open access to a catalogue of Best Interventions and Treatment Efficacy across the scope of Speech Pathology practice. This is an evidence based practice initiative between the University of Sydney and Speech Patholgy Australia.

Evidence-based practice group on LinkedIn (English)